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Reviews and Testimonials from our Customers.

5.0 out of 5.0   -  Mud Slide Flood   -  08/27/2010
After the mud came through my front yard, Right Angle came in cleaned up the landscaping which I though was ruined, we talked about how to stop this from ever happening again. We decided to build a wall in front of the property and move my driveway to the east side of the property which fixes the problem of mud ending up in my garage.
John C. in Hutchison Acres
5.0 out of 5.0   -  Snow Plowing   -  11/18/2010
Dave and his crew plow our driveways and sidewalks at our office on Humphreys. During the last storm we thought people would not show up but we got a lot of compliments that our customers were able to get into the driveway and up the stairs. Apparently most places in town have not had their parking lots cleared. Dave always gets the driveway cleared before we show up at 9:00.
Just North of Downtown Flagstaff
4.5 out of 5.0   -  Tornado + Roof = Where is my shingles   -  12/27/2010
Ok, so I though Northern Arizona didn't get tornados. How in the world did it happen we don't know but our roof was pretty torn up. Insurance covered the damage but we needed someone who could get on the job right away. Dave and his guys came out and fixed the house back like new. Thank you Dave.
Jayson E. in Bellemont, AZ
5.0 out of 5.0   -  Wood Stairs and Railings   -  02/27/2011
My wife and I had THE BEST experience with Dave and his group at Right Angle. We needed wooden railings installed with metal spindles in our living room and hallway. Here is how Dave made this project an absolute SUCCESS: 1) Installed the stairs with EXCEPTIONAL WORKMANSHIP 2) Gave a very affordable price. 3) Talked me through all the options of the installation. 4) He gave me VERY accurate estimates of the material, which helped me budget correctly. Right Angle Construction provides EXCEPTIONAL workmanship at an affordable price.
Review by Michael C. West side Flagstaff
4.83 out of 5.0   -  Install Better Insulation   -  03/14/2011
Very professional. The job was completed on time and my home looked as if they hadn't been there.
Review by Brett P. Upper Greenlaw
4.83 out of 5.0   -  Build a Deck and Redo my Kitchen   -  05/04/2011
I originally had Dave come and give me a estimate on my deck, but decided to use him to redo my kitchen. He can do anything from the ground up, and do it very well. I felt very comfortable having him and his people in my home. They were very helpful, friendly, easy to work with, and very good at what they do! I would use them again, and again. I am so happy that I found a contractor that I can keep using through out the years. I highly highly recommend him! The price he charged us was very reasonable, especially for the kind of work he does. I am totally satisfied with everything.
Review by Mike and Juile R. Continetial
5.0 out of 5.0   -  Build an Addition   -  06/10/2011
Dave has performed several large scale renovations to my home and is able to do absolutely anything we've asked him to do better than any contractor I've seen. Very smart and knowledgeable, very honest, very timely, very clean, very dependable. Accurate estimates, no surprises. Truly cares about what he does,takes great pride in his work, full of great ideas. Will never call another contractor ever!! Highly recommend Dave for whatever your home renovation may be.
Alice T. in Coconino Estates
5.0 out of 5.0   -  Frozen water lines in Flagstaff   -  11/30/2011
Sadly, I had yet another water event while I was in Mexico this winter - water line to the ice maker blew. Flooded the kitchen, part of the dining room and leaked through to the garage dry wall, total mess. I had to replace a lot of drywall before mold started and Right angle was on task as normal. They came through with flying colors again. I am so very happy to have a construction company I can trust, now I just need a mechanic and I will have a good life :)
John C. in Hutchison Acres
4.5 out of 5.0   -  NEW WINDOWS   -  01/21/2012
New Windows, New Windows, New Windows, Yea. Ok I have lived in my Flagstff house for many years and it has always cost a ton to heat the house. Well it turns out back in 1959 when the house was built it was cheep to heat these houses so they used cheep single pane windows that do not hold in heat at all. This year I had it. I decided to replace all the windows with double pane windows with a insulation value. The effects were almost immediate and the cost of heating dropped from about $150 a month to about $92 a month. I figure I have wasted $1000's over the past 20 years on heating this house. New windows work great and I love the up and down windows vs the horrible side sliders. Thanks Dave, Thanks Kim.
Jacqui S. East Flagstaff
4.67 out of 5.0   -  Leaky 2nd floor   -  03/09/2012
Great guys to work with. Prompt: He told me he would arrive at our house at 8:30AM. The door bell rang at 8:30AM! We had a toilet tank leak from the second floor and it damaged the ceiling above our family room. I wanted the ceiling fixed and the bathroom floor and toilet replaced. I called 4 contractors and we went with Right Angle after meeting all of them. Others took a couple of days to give me an estimate at about the same quote that they provided on the spot. He got the work done much faster than his original estimate (yeay).
Mary P. Flagstaff
5.0 out of 5.0   -  Foundation Repair/ Addition   -  04/29/2012
David Duncan is an honest and professional contractor. I work with a lot of contractors all over Arizona. Right Angle was recommended to me from a contractor I work with in Tempe. Dave helped me with some foundation on a home and we had to also gut the 2nd floor conversion to add a bedroom and a staircase. The work was perfect and within budget. Thank you!
Steven D.
4.75 out of 5.0   -  New Kitchen for Me   -  08/11/2012
Bottom line: efficient GREAT work with a great team. Dave, the owner of Right Angle Construction works with you on pricing and gives some of the lowest rates out there! His work is clean and always on point. When I got my work done, I called 10 of his references who all ranted and rated for almost an hour about how amazing he is. After the 10th reference saying the same thing, I knew I had to use this guy. He works All over the Northern Arizona area and is extremely responsive, quick and really trustworthy!
Shawn B. Flagstaff

Right Angle Construction will always go the extra mile to make your dream home a reality.
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